On day Tejpal went to give meals to his uncle in Jaggery yard. He saw that some Jaggery with dry fruits was there in a big dish and some poor children were looking at it greedily.
Tejpal gave the tiffin box to his uncle and uncle went under a neem tree to have his meals. Tejpal called
all the children and sat around the dish enjoying jaggery with the children. Among these boys some belonged to scheduled castes who were not even allowed to enter jaggery yard.
When his uncle returned and saw the boys eating jaggery, he got red with anger and shouted, “Tej, what is this? Why have you invited these untouchables to eat jaggery?
Tejpal said, “Uncle they are also children like me. They wanted to eat jaggery and I invited them.”
“Don’t you know, how much hard work it requires to make jaggery out of sugarcane!” “uncle said. Tejpal was silent and he started for home. Uncle called him back and gave some specially prepared jaggery and asked to take it home Tejpal was not happy with his uncle’s previous remarks and was thinking if some one drinks some water from the flowing river, what harm is to river.
And Tejpal was on his way back to home in a pensive mood. On his way back, he saw some children He distributed the jaggery among these children which belonged to downtrodden section of the society and returned home empty handed but the blessings of poor children were with him. He was thinking, Why people don’t share eatable with poor although it is much more enjoying.

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