Some workers in the factory were addicted to betel chewing and used to spit here and there on the walls. It looked very dirty. Tejpal asked the workers, “Who spit on the walls”? But everyone said ‘No’. Tejpal tried many times and asked the workers not to spit here and there but in vain.
One day Tejpal brought some whitewash and after working hours he white washed all the betel spots in his department.
Next day when workers came to work, found that their department was shining white. One of the supervisors asked, “Tajpal who did all this”. Tejpal Said, I did all this “The workers and supervisors were very much impressed and gave up their bad habit of spitting beetles here and there.
The Supervisor Ashwini Kumar said Tejpal you are great, your working style will be a model for me in my life.”
Tejpal said, “Whenever you want to teach something to others you yourself set an example and don’t hesitate to do any work. This is the only key to success in life.”

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