ब्रेकिंग न्यूज


Dhama was then the student of 8th standard. One of his collegues was teasing a girl student on the way to school. Dhama saw that and said to his fellow student that he should not behave badly with the girl and say bad remarks for her like this. The student Krishna said, “Is she related to you?’
Dhama promptly replied, Yes, she is my sister. Krishna said, “But she belongs to cobbler caste and you are Jat, how can she be your sister. Tejpal said, “I don’t believe in castism she is my sister as she comes from the same human race as I.”
And the discussion went on. There were hot exchanges between the two. Krishna got very furious and beat Dhama. Complaint about this incident was lodged with moral science teacher, Mr. Shri Niwas Tyagi. The teacher decided to resticate Krishna from School. But Tejpal was not happy with this decision and went to the Headmaster. He requested him not to resticate Krishna.
Dhama requested headmaster, “Sir, restication will not be a solution to end such bad habits, please, try to bring him on the path of morality,” The head master conceded to Dhama’s request. After knowing all this Krishna asked to forgive him publicly for his bad behaviour. And Krishna became a good boy.

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