Tejpal Dhama when grew young, a leader of his caste offered to marry her daughter with him. He also assured to arrange a Government job for Dhama. But Tejpal wanted to break barriers of caste discrimination and set an example for the young generation by marrying a girl from other caste. After some time he harried a backward caste girl from Andhra Pradesh without any dowry. He married before Devothani Ekadashi (this particular time period is considered to be unauspicious for marriage) to show a protest against superstitions. After this marriage some people came to Dhama and said, “You would have been married to a girl from well respected and high caste family and got a good dowry with a beautiful wife. Why did you marry this low caste girl?” Tejpal said, “I never give importance to outer beauty, dowry and caste. I married a meritorious girl from other caste. Young generation should come forward for social reforms and if they don’t who would work for ending the social evils.” He further said, “Young children have nipples in their mouths and old men have left with little energy. The young generation is like a rising sun and every one bows before the rising sun. So, only the young generation can bring the society out of the darkness of evils.”

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