अन कैटेगिरी


Tejpal Singh Dhama thought of becoming a great yogi in his life. And in search of a great guru he reached the caves of the Himalayas. There he met a hermit Swami Ishwarananda Saraswati. The hermit said, “Vatsa, why are your roaming in these deadly jungles. Tejpal Said, “Holyman, I want to be a great yogi and to find a good guru for the some?
The swami asked, “Did you find any Guru”. “Yes I have” said Dhama. He further said, “I foresee my guru in you. Please accept me as your disciple and oblige me.”
“O.K. I accept you as my disciple” the hermit said, “Listen carefully, the best way to become a Mahayogi is to struggle for farmers, labourers and against social evils. To live for the others is the greatest yoga in this world. Man’s birth is for the welfare of other living beings.”
“Then holyman, what are you doing here in these forests? asked Dhama.” Swami replied, “I am here for scarce medicinal herbal plants, I make experiments with the herbs to prepare good and cheap medicines for the poor?” the hermit told Dhama, “I run a pharmacy in Jwalapur. Go back and come someday there. I will tell you about some scarce medicines.”
Dhama bowed to Swamiji’s feet and said “Gurudev! You are great. Till we have the hermits like you, on this earth, human race will enjoy good health.”

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