Tejpal Singh, during his period of working in textile mill was a dynamic young man. He was always alert on his duty and every worker was afraid of him. One the contrary he was always calm, less spoken and never hurt any labourer in any way.
One-day managing director asked a girl Baby to work in Tejpal’s Department But the girl started weeping and said, “Sir, 1 will not work under Tejpal” M.D. asked, “Why? Is his behaviour, bad”? ‘ ‘No sir, nothing like that but he never spares any one from mistake and I am afraid of him”. The girl said. Managing Director understood the whole thing. He went to Tej pal’s Senior Supervisor and said, “See Yogesh, you have a lion in your department, workers of other department are also afraid of him,” senior supervisor Sir, he is always calm and soft-spoken. How can it be possible!” Tejpal who was listening all that, said to M.D., “Sir, I am a true follower of Gandhian principle of truth and non- violence and try to set an example with my work and behaviour, so, the workers are afraid of me as the British were afraid of Ghandiji.” M.D. said, “You are right. I will also follow your way and try to inspire all to be calm and non-aggressive but alert and cautious at work and set an example like you”.

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