Tejpal Singh was working as a Supervisor in a textile mill one day by chance all the sweepers were absent from duty. There were dumps of cotton waste, yarn and empty bobbins in all the sections of the mill but no body cleaned that.
In the evening hours, Tejpal took a broom and cleaned his department some workers saw that and they told other workers that the supervisor was sweeping. After cleaning his section Tejpal went home.

The next day when he came to the mill he found that all the premises were neat and clean. “But who did that!” he asked a worker, Has the sweepers come on duty?
The worker said “No, sir”. “Then who did all that? He asked “You sir.” said a worker. We saw you sweeping your department and learnt that it is not only sweepers duty it is the duty of each and all to keep the premises neat and clean”.
And in this way he sets an example for his subordinates.

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