Once there was a poor peasant. He was very poor as he was handicapped, but he was very kind and learned.
One day he was going to graze his cattle in the meadows. On his way, he saw a butcher who was taking three she-calves to the slaughterhouse. The butcher was beating them mercilessly with stick. The peasant asked the butcher where he was taking these animals Butcher said, “He has bought these and taking them to slaughter house in the city.” The peasant felt pity on the innocent and helpless animals. He after bargaining, purchased the she-calves and brought them home. The peasant looked after the she-calves. After some time, the she calves turned to be good milch cows. The peasant was well to do now. He had a son who was the student of third standard in the village school. He was very much impressed by his father’s kindness to animals.
One day the boy was talking with his father about the latter’s devotion to animals. His father told him that cattle are the wealth of our nation and we must be devoted to cattle and as well as our motherland. The boy learnt the lesson by heart and deed.
After some days there was a function in his school. In the function a cultural programme was held. Some students performed by singing film songs, some by folk songs, but peasant’s son’s item on the stage was totally different from others. He recited a poem about the human qualities, one should possess. He gave the message of kindness to animals and patriotism with reference of Swami Dayanand, Dr. B.,R. Ambedkar and some other great men in his poem. Everyone was impressed with his poem.
Do you know who were the peasant and his son? I tell you, The peasant was Shripal Singh Dhama and the son was Tejpal Singh Dhama, born in Vikrami Samvata 2028. and the village is Khekra of Baghpat Tahsil of Uttar Pradesh in India.

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